APS Edrevia outdoor

An association combining the love of the local area and hiking, with the aim of promoting outdoor activities as a way of socialising and sharing, and as a tool for knowledge and dissemination. The objective is the rediscovery of unfamiliar locations, unspoilt landscapes and authentic villages that tell stories of life and express the identity of a microcosm that is still intact.

B&B Il Colle di Condrò

Simple and cosy, with a garden, in a beautiful location. 9 km from the village.

E Turre Farm restaurant

A farm hospitality venue that is a good expression of the human and natural values of the most authentic Calabria. A great sense of hospitality and a cuisine deeply linked to the land through high quality ingredients and skilful preparation by Chef Marco.

Il Vecchio Castagno Restaurant

The right place for people who wish to experience Calabrian food and wine. Fine ingredients and traditional recipes, including reinterpretations by the talented Delfino Maruca, expert in expressing local culture. Stunning starters with cured meats and cheeses, tonnarelli pasta with fennel and walnuts, and chestnuts that are always a valued resource. Professionalism and great courtesy. Unmissable.

Condrò beech forest

A green resource offering a magical atmosphere ideal for people who love outdoor excursions. Well worth a day’s visit at the heart of the Reventino-Savuto environs. The picnic area is very beautiful. Green in late spring and summer, ablaze with yellows and reds in autumn, silver in winter. An enchanting location.

Fili e Trame by Rossella Fazio

Rossella Fazio’s haberdashery workshop, where, amidst fabrics and yarn, she uses her skilful hands to weave stories on the loom, presenting contemporary weaving works rooted in an ancient history but above all in the feminine soul of the town of chairs.

Dalidà House Museum

Serrastretta is also part of the origins of Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti, aka Dalidà, one of the greatest international pop music performers from the 1960s to the 1980s. At the House Museum located in the village, her life is described by records, photographs, posters and writings.

Museum of Farming and Artisanal Culture

An accurate reconstruction of the domestic and working environments of farmers and craftspeople. Great attention is paid to the woodworking tradition on the part of fhalignami (carpenters) and seggiari (chair-makers). The chairs of Serrastretta originated from the beech forest of Mount Condrò, a stone’s throw from the village, the place of origin of the wood used by the chair makers, skilled in the production of the 13bis, a traditional chair assembled without the use of glue or nails: the 13 parts make up the skeleton of the chair built uniquely using wood jointing techniques.

Church of the Beata Vergine del Perpetuo Soccorso

The 18th-century church has a beautiful portal sculpted grey granite. The stuccoes and works of art such as the green stone baptismal font and the altarpiece painted by Zimatore and Grillo reflect the artistic ferment of the 1700s.

Monastero della Resurrezione

A 17th-century homestead restored by five Benedictine nuns, today it is a house offering hospitality and spirituality for individuals and groups. In addition to 20 beds, it offers various activities such as vegetable gardening, painting and a weaving workshop (cotton and linen).

Ner Tamid del Sud - The Synagogue

Barbara Aiello, the first female rabbi in Italy, lives here. Her father, a musician, left Calabria for America in 1923 when he was 10 years old together with his mother and three younger sisters. Barbara was born in 1947 in the USA, and graduated in Pedagogy and Psychology. After a period in Milan, she returned to Calabria to help Jews in southern Italy rediscover their Hebrew roots. The small Synagogue is part of her home and is a place of peace and outreach in the heart of Serrastretta.