Moving emotions

A movement of emotions that animates the young people of the association, determined to encourage an entire community to take care of their land, the paths, valleys and mule tracks, then telling other people about them through sport. Hiking, archery, orienteering, climbing, there are activities for all. Like Marco and Alessio, these young people believe in a future where you can choose to stay or return, generating a stream of beauty and values.

Felici & Conflenti Association

Tradition means delivering and transmitting memory, in time and space, so that identity is experienced and witnessed as a value that creates sharing, encounters and cross-over creativity. What happens when the bearers of tradition, the elderly, meet the creative genius of the young is tangible in the streets of the town and in the faces of the people during a Felici & Conflenti event. A programme of activities that stirs body and soul, renewing feelings of sociability and sharing, in a sunny, cheerful and happy atmosphere.

Discovering Reventino

Love for the Reventino mountains, locations, sentiments, people and stories inspire the project and the activities of Angelo Vigliotti, president and founder of the association: highlighting this splendid territory by involving the local community through responsible and sustainable tourism. An essential contact for getting to know the Re

APS Edrevia outdoor

An association combining the love of the local area and hiking, with the aim of promoting outdoor activities as a way of socialising and sharing, and as a tool for knowledge and dissemination. The objective is the rediscovery of unfamiliar locations, unspoilt landscapes and authentic villages that tell stories of life and express the identity of a microcosm that is still intact.

Bioittica della Sorgente - La Jumara Farm venue

The dream of Giuseppe Sirianni and Gino Mancuso gave rise to La Jumara, a farm hospitality venue dedicated to trout farming. “Enabling the local area to develop by means of a resource that in mountain culture constitutes an important asset.” Today, La Jumara is a landmark for people seeking genuine, zero-mile products.