Bar Castello

Since the 1970s, this has been a meeting place for the community, where people can catch up with friends and sample the many interesting traditional dishes, with a special focus on fish recipes.

Le Muraglie Farm hospitality venue

A guardian of memory, the Roperti family expresses authentic dedication to hospitality and local cuisine. For example, at the homemade Sunday lunch, guests are pampered with delicious traditional dishes and a courteous welcome that remains etched in the memory.

Hotel Caligiuri

At Praticello in the heart of Decollatura. An ideal base for discovering the Reventino area. Traditional cuisine with a focus on mushroom recipe

Palahotel Vallenoce

A 4-star hotel with conference and meeting facilities, guest rooms and a swimming pool. Traditional hospitality and the Alchimia restaurant’s menu comprising specialities from land and sea.

La Vecchia Fattoria

A farm hospitality venue in a natural setting, offering accommodation, restaurant, swimming pool and adventure park. A family welcome from Angela and Giovanni, who know how to tell their own story of the local setting in ways that include excellent traditional cuisine based on the farm’s organic produce

Le Mulina Restaurant

A beautiful establishment in a green setting, with a swimming pool. The cuisine offers flavours that are a perfect expression of the ingredients. The house antipasti with vrasciole (croquettes) and courgette fritters are excellent; don’t miss the homemade pasta with sausage and bell pepper ragout, and the legendary grilled meats.

La Baracca Restaurant

Delicious cuisine, courtesy and a welcoming atmosphere. Traditional dishes revisited with moderation and the use of local ingredients. Very interesting wine list. A green setting in a relaxing atmosphere.

E Turre Farm restaurant

A farm hospitality venue that is a good expression of the human and natural values of the most authentic Calabria. A great sense of hospitality and a cuisine deeply linked to the land through high quality ingredients and skilful preparation by Chef Marco.

Civico 17

A restaurant and pizzeria inspired by Calabrian culinary traditions. Welcoming and friendly. Advance booking recommended.

Bar Villa delle Rose

A point of reference for the Carlopoli community, travellers and cycle tourists. It is located on the town’s main street (Via Bellavista). Don’t miss the ice cream and granitas.

Bioittica della Sorgente - La Jumara Farm venue

The dream of Giuseppe Sirianni and Gino Mancuso gave rise to La Jumara, a farm hospitality venue dedicated to trout farming. “Enabling the local area to develop by means of a resource that in mountain culture constitutes an important asset.” Today, La Jumara is a landmark for people seeking genuine, zero-mile products.

Trattoria Al Ritrovo

A landmark venue in Castagna whose homemade pasta, fresh produce from the Piccoli family’s vegetable garden and mushrooms from these forests have become legendary. The flavours of this territory are enhanced by the authenticity of this family-run trattori

Da Fabio

Calabrian food and wine at an establishment outstanding for its versatility: trattoria, pizzeria, rotisserie, sandwich shop and bar. A true passion for pizza and Calabrian flavours with tasty recipes that delight the eyes and palate.

La Taverna dei Briganti

Pizza, appetisers and sandwiches at this venue that utilises Calabrian products. First course recipes include paccheri pasta with sausage and chilli pepper strands. Calabrian courtesy and hospitality.

Old Mill Pizzeria

The pizzas made by the Spilotro sisters embody the variety and quality of an incomparable area. Filomena’s pizzas tell the story of the local surroundings through art, passion and sensitivity. The Reventino-Savuto pizza is extraordinary: primosale goat cheese, mountain potato, black pork cheek, walnuts, seasoned pecorino cheese wafers and honey. Haute cuisine and great authenticity.

La Terrazza

A favourite venue for breakfasts, aperitifs and quick lunches. Excellent pastries.

Valle dello Sceriffo Farm restaurant

Waking up in the woods is an experience worth trying at Cicala. Especially if Giacomo’s kitchen prepares Catanzaro-style morzello (morzeddhu), the spicy stew that is a symbol of simple Calabrian cuisine. The farm restaurant offers the family hospitality typical of a mountain village.

Bar l’angolo

(currently closed for renovation, reopening in November)

Bar San Giacomo

To taste a delicious Rome-style pinsa in Calabria, you have to go to Cicala, to Antonella’s charming bar in the heart of the village. From grandmother to granddaughter, recipes for local delicacies are handed down, such as crispelle (Calabrian fritters), sweet and savoury, exclusively hand-kneaded.

Spineto Bar and restaurant

Il Riccio Restaurant

Calabria on a plate with no compromises. Don’t miss the cavatelli with fresh crumbled sausage and porcini mushrooms, and the legendary mixed grill with veal, pork and lamb accompanied by m’pacchiuse (fried, literally “sticky”) potatoes.

Osteria Alla Botte Restaurant

Great food at the right prices. Appetisers and home-made pasta never disappoint. Recipes with land and sea fare. The potatoes are from the Sila district, always and in any case. Intense flavours, traditional recipes and Sila courtesy. Don’t miss the potato vrasciole (croquettes)!

Il Cariglio Farm hospitality venue

From Bocca di Piazza, the road follows the wide open spaces of the uplands to reach Il Cariglio, another paragon of Sila hospitality and genuine cuisine. Don’t miss Rosanna’s homemade pasta! Here, Calabria and the inner beauty of Sila are expressed by the Perri family.

Trattoria Da Gepy

Spontaneity, simplicity and the great flavours of popular Calabrian cuisine. No frills and lots of substance. Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, fusilli with broccoli and sausage, roast lamb with potatoes, signature rotisserie and great sandwiches.

Grandinetti Hotel

An ideal place for a stopover or a classic food and wine experience, Grandinetti Hotel is a family-run establishment that opened its doors to tourism in this area when it became popular for family holidays.

Tenuta Elia Farm restaurant

Pizza and local products in the fine building that housed the Leo wool mill in the 19th century. Today it is a venue for events and ceremonies, greatly appreciated by the local community.

La Fattoria Restaurant

Calabrian hospitality, a family atmosphere but above all a memorable pinsa (Rome-style pizza) making this location a point of reference in the area for everyone who loves simple, genuine produce, from starters to desserts. The Calabrian wine list is excellent.

Da Gianluca Pizzeria - Restaurant

His pizzas are named after the people who inspired them, and every ingredient in the kitchen comes from the land. Gianluca’s great passion for pizza and for his local area, to which he dedicates his life project, fills the trattoria with a serene atmosphere.

Bar Cardamone

La Rosa nel Bicchiere

Beauty, hospitality and local flavours. La Rosa nel Bicchiere (The Rose in the Glass) is the perfect base from which to look out over the verdant green Reventino and Sila mountains. Simple elegance and a family atmosphere lie at the heart of this farm holiday venue that expresses the most authentic Calabria. The cuisine offers Calabrian flavours in which tradition opens up to delicate and innovative elaborations in the name of finest taste.