B&B Il Borgo

At the centre of the village of Lupia di Scigliano, this B&B is a few steps from the Church of the Assunta. Quiet and with an authentic atmosphere, it offers four rooms in a historic building.

B&B Calabria

A 19th-century building with a beautiful view over the valley towards the sea. Comfortable rooms and a terrace where you can start the day with a fine breakfast. Comfortable rooms.

Timpe Route

Agrarian Institute for Agriculture

For the Greeks, this part of Calabria was Enotria, the “land of wine.” Savuto is a noble wine with a DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) label and an important history dating back to Phoenician times. The Istituto Agrario per l’Agricoltura (Agrarian Institute for Agriculture) is a meritorious structure that combines education and production, giving young people the task of expressing the narrative of this territory.

Church of Maria Santissima di Monserrato

The Madonna appeared in a dream to the shepherd Giovanni Sposato, showing him the precise spot where to dig in the forest. In that place, the shepherd found a divine painting depicting the Madonna of Monserrato, and it was there that, at the end of the 18th century, a church was built, becoming a point of reference for the entire community still today.

Church of Madonne delle Timpe

Set in the woods between a rock face and the overhang dropping into the wild Bisirico valley, it was built in 1549 following the grace received by Pietro Telesio. The traveller from Cosenza, who with his horse fell down the cliff and faced certain death, turned his eyes to the sky and to the Madonna del Carmine. They were both saved, and he had a chapel built, which later became a favourite place for hermits.

Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie

An ancient convent founded in 1584 on a pre-existing Basilian settlement. It is one of the first monasteries linked to the Capuchin reform, and it is dedicated to Santa Maria delle Grazie. It currently houses the enclosed order of Sisters, the Poor Clares.

Church of San Giuseppe

Built in 1607 by Monsignor Mariano Perbenedetti and financed by the community of Diano with a tax on meat and other levies. It is the largest of Scigliano’s 27 churches; the high altar in Gothic style, a 17th-century tabernacle and a wooden organ are particularly noteworthy features.

Hannibal’s Bridge

An imposing structure along Via Popilia (Reggio Calabria - Capua) built between 131 and 121 B.C.: about 3.5 metres wide, 11 metres high and about 25 metres long, it is an important testimony to engineering that has survived in perfect condition for over two millennia. Together with Pons Aemilius, 179 B.C., and Pons Fabricius on the Tiber Island, 69 B.C., it is one of the oldest bridges in the world.