Timpe Route

Spineto Bar and restaurant

Il Riccio Restaurant

Calabria on a plate with no compromises. Don’t miss the cavatelli with fresh crumbled sausage and porcini mushrooms, and the legendary mixed grill with veal, pork and lamb accompanied by m’pacchiuse (fried, literally “sticky”) potatoes.

Osteria Alla Botte Restaurant

Great food at the right prices. Appetisers and home-made pasta never disappoint. Recipes with land and sea fare. The potatoes are from the Sila district, always and in any case. Intense flavours, traditional recipes and Sila courtesy. Don’t miss the potato vrasciole (croquettes)!

Il Cariglio Farm hospitality venue

From Bocca di Piazza, the road follows the wide open spaces of the uplands to reach Il Cariglio, another paragon of Sila hospitality and genuine cuisine. Don’t miss Rosanna’s homemade pasta! Here, Calabria and the inner beauty of Sila are expressed by the Perri family.

Trattoria Da Gepy

Spontaneity, simplicity and the great flavours of popular Calabrian cuisine. No frills and lots of substance. Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, fusilli with broccoli and sausage, roast lamb with potatoes, signature rotisserie and great sandwiches.

Grandinetti Hotel

An ideal place for a stopover or a classic food and wine experience, Grandinetti Hotel is a family-run establishment that opened its doors to tourism in this area when it became popular for family holidays.

Bocca di Piazza picnic area

An ideal place for a break in the spectacular setting of Bocca di Piazza, surrounded by nature. A stone’s throw from the cycle path, it offers tables, benches and BBQs for fantastic grilled fare.

Camporotondo - Diga del Savuto route

Don’t miss the experience on foot or by bike on the dirt road that from Bocca di Piazza enters the forest in a fairy-tale setting and winds towards Lake Savuto. The route of about 5 km encapsulates the most attractive aspects of the Sila environment.

Savuto Agricultural Cooperative

The Bocca di Piazza uplands are a paradise for the mountain potato, which up here is an important resource for agriculture and the local economy. The Consortium of Associated Potato Growers is a point of reference for the promotion of the IGP Sila potato.

Lake Savuto

Lake Savuto is an area of naturalistic value and tranquillity, greatly appreciated by hikers; it is home to the ENEL hydroelectric power station with a penstock that feeds Lake Arvo in drought periods.

Fontenoce mineral water

Fontenoce oligomineral water is an important resource for this mountainous area: with a temperature of 9°C at the source, it is light and crystal clear like the essence of these mountains. Production methods and ethos are inspired by environmental sustainability, and for cyclists it is an unmissable stop.