Scarpino Mill

The murmur of the stream anticipates your arrival in a fairy-tale setting, where you are suspended in imagination, enraptured by Uncle Giovanni and Andreina’s stories, custodians and witnesses of a wheat-milling practice that has spanned more than 600 years. Here it is like opening an encyclopaedia, reading the marks on the millstones and the fragrant wood of the gears.

Church of the Madonna di Loreto

An ancient cult links the community with the Madonna of Loreto, celebrated in the eponymous church, a National Monument. The walls are entirely frescoed, and they offer an immersive experience. It dates to the 17th century. Feast day on 10 December.

Salumificio Menotti

Entering the shop is a delight for the senses, with the heady fragrance and Giulia’s welcome. A model of artisanal skill and close links with the local area, the Caligiuri family makes traditional Calabrian cured meats, following natural curing and certified methods, including PDO certification.

Da Gianluca Pizzeria - Restaurant

His pizzas are named after the people who inspired them, and every ingredient in the kitchen comes from the land. Gianluca’s great passion for pizza and for his local area, to which he dedicates his life project, fills the trattoria with a serene atmosphere.

B&B Montagna e Mare

Roberto’s welcome for his guests is an expression of his commitment to the territory. A stopover to “feel at home,” midway between the Tyrrhenian coast and the Crotone area of the Sila Park.