La Terrazza

A favourite venue for breakfasts, aperitifs and quick lunches. Excellent pastries.

Santuario della Madonna di Porto (Gimigliano)

One of the most evocative spiritual locations in Calabria, the Santuario is an oasis of rarefied peace, in the green setting of the Piccola Sila, caressed by the waters of the river Corace. The painting of the Madonna of Constantinople, an image defined as acheiropoieton, not painted by human hand, and the ritual of the Cunfrunta, the meeting between the Madonna and St Joseph, are enchanting. Walking along the paths of the Corace River Park, you are immersed in the marvels of nature that takes the form of gorges and waterfalls, until you reach Cicala station.

Valle dello Sceriffo Farm restaurant

Waking up in the woods is an experience worth trying at Cicala. Especially if Giacomo’s kitchen prepares Catanzaro-style morzello (morzeddhu), the spicy stew that is a symbol of simple Calabrian cuisine. The farm restaurant offers the family hospitality typical of a mountain village.

Bar l’angolo

(currently closed for renovation, reopening in November)

Bar San Giacomo

To taste a delicious Rome-style pinsa in Calabria, you have to go to Cicala, to Antonella’s charming bar in the heart of the village. From grandmother to granddaughter, recipes for local delicacies are handed down, such as crispelle (Calabrian fritters), sweet and savoury, exclusively hand-kneaded.

Terra Mater Association

“Giving lustre to everything that surrounds us” is the principle that inspires the work of the Terra Mater Cicala Association, whose mission is to enhance the area through a variety of activities, from nature trekking to cultural excursions, food and wine events, and widespread tourist hospitality, European projects and territorial networks. Young people like Matteo and Erika, who turn an idea into a business, promote the culture of authentic hospitality in which the traveller becomes part of the project, experiencing emotions and sharing passions, choosing to return because shared dreams create happiness.

Muraca S.r.l.

The company’s products, comprising the finest Mediterranean flavours, dominated by the Calabrian tomato, express the intense bond between the Muraca family and the local area. From grandfather Ferdinando, Kevin inherited the values that inspire the company; integrity, professionalism and a love of work and the land. A recipe that conveys Calabria to families all over the world.

Sapori Antichi

Two generations have passed since Giacomo and Ivana’s dream, and the reason for the prestige they have gained lies in the “artisanal values” of their products, grown respecting the rhythms of nature, prepared following archaic and secret recipes. Genuine, traditional and innovative, the Muraca siblings transmit their values in their choice of products and labels, such as A sarsa da nunna (grandmother’s tomato sauce), which speaks of an entire territory and a family history.

Church of San Giacomo Maggiore Apostolo

A cornerstone for the community of Cicala, the Church of the Patron Saint is a place for cross-generational interaction and it is at the heart of traditional events. Here, history and legend weave narratives and relationships that generate values and nurture the local identity. It dates back to the 18th century and preserves two wooden altars from Corazzo Abbey.