Ginostrini Farm (Olive oil)

Bold and outspoken, Verusca has the smile of someone who has fulfilled a dream. The farm, on a hill clad in olive trees and wild flowers, is her kingdom. Experimentation is her preference. Her olive oils, the fruit of dedication and respect for nature, engage with all the senses.

Alba Astorino (honey)

Very young, like her company, Alba tells the story of her fascination for bees with all her youthful energy. Enchanted by her grandparents’ dedication to nature and the land, she dreams of setting up her own workshop. Acacia, mixed flower and chestnut are the varieties of honey available.

Church of the Cappuccini

Also known as the Church of Sant’Antonio, this building is located in the village’s historic centre. The imposing stone entrance portal on the façade is very beautiful. Don’t miss the 18th-century wooden altarpiece in Baroque style.

Museum of Rural Civilisation

Work in the fields, domestic life and the relationship with spirituality: a snapshot of the history of the previous century. The museum is housed in the former Church of San Pietro and can be visited by appointment.

Mother Church of San Felice

Essential and mystical, a sacred symbol for the community, this church was created by the mastery of local masons and adorned with pieces of fine craftsmanship. Such is its grandeur that it towers over the village.

Santuario of Madonna delle Grazie

Home of the Protectress, the Santuario looks like a 15th-century architect’s sketch with a Gothic-style portal. Engraved on a slab is an epigraph documenting the visit of King Charles V of Habsburg who, grateful for the hospitality, donated his cloak to the village. There are postcard views of the village from the portico.